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Atomical is a swiss clothing organisation that holds onto three values: original design, sustainability and transparency. Our t-shirts are 100% organic cotton. We prove, that a business can thrive without hiding information from its customers. All that, while maintaining a sustainable work ethics for our planet and us.

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By shopping at Atomical Clothing, you support the Atomical Ecosystem.
Here is our process :

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You receive a unique t-shirt delivered in an eco-package by the Swiss Poste.
The shipping is free and within a week.

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With your consent you become an official sponsor of Atomical and your name will appear on our sponsors page.

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You give a fraction to a charity that supports our values and help a certain cause related to the design.

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You help support reforestation in Switzerland with our partner Almighty Tree.

Where does my money go ?

Post T-shirt

  • ~30%
    to produce our t-shirts, print our designs and maintain our inventory.
  • ~30%
    for packaging and shipping as fast as we can.
  • ~20%
    to help us maintain our business and promote our values (keeping the website running, creating new designs, expanding our inventory, finding new charities or organisation to donate to, coffee,...).
  • ~10%
    to help a charity or an organisation maintain their activities that share our values and help a specific cause.
  • ~10%
    for maintaining and planting trees in Switzerland through our partner Almighty Tree.


Our manufacturer are carefully chosen. Our t-shirts are up to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and approved by the Fair Wear Foundation.
Check out our partners to see who works with us!

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