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Buying Meaning, For Life.

Why buy an expensive sustainable t-shirt when you can buy ten for the same price? Here's a list of what impact those prices do on our planet and as importantly, on you.

Buying Meaning, For Life.

Buying sustainable clothes is not just about wearing t-shirts that were made using environmental friendly textile. You also promote a mindset and a way of living that can help us reduce our impact on this earth. Here's what happens when you buy an Atomical T-shirt:

Support Non-Profit Organisations 🌍

For each sale we give 10% to a non profit organisation that we believe in. Each t-shirt support a different organisation. In 2021 for example, we were able to adopt a black rhino from the International Rhino Foundation which helped the protection of the specie.

Environmental Organisations We Support

Plant Swiss Trees 🌲

We give 10% of each sale to our partner Almighty Tree to plant trees in Switzerland. Last year we were able to donate enough to plant 5 Douglas and 5 Hornbeams trees which will lasts for centuries.

Almighty Tree Tracker Sustainable Clothing

Promote Fair Trade and sustainable development 🌿

Before you buy a t-shirt, it has to be made and it has to be made in the right conditions. We are working with Main Gauche and Stanley&Stella to ensure our products are sustainable not only in their components but also in the quality of life of the people who made them.

Fair Trade Peta Vegan GOTS

You get a quality t-shirt 🏆

Lastly, you get a t-shirt that you can be proud of. A t-shirt that will live long enough to see other t-shirts come and go while standing strong by your side.

Sustainable Environmental Friendly T-shirt

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