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About Us

Atomical is a clothing company that relies on 3 values : 


As a company, we have a duty to make sure our activities don't degrade our planet. That is why we carefully chose our partners so that we can do business while maintaining a sustainable environnement. The research put into being a sustainable company never stops and we will always try to adapt to the new technology and means of production that enables us to keep the company running while keeping our values. 


Planet First



Although the competition can and probably will use those information against us, it is a crucial step if we want to grow as a community and not as a worldwide competition on who can make the most money. We will be completely transparent in the hope of inspiring other businesses to do the same.




Original Designs

We are aware that in order to push a new mindset in the economic world, we need a product. And to raise awareness we will create, polish and repeat until we find a design that can be original and appealing while still representing our values. For each design we will find an organisation or a charity that shares our values and who's activities are related to our designs.

 T-shirt Designs