Orca Sacra
Orca Sacra - Closeup
Orca Sacra - Closeup
Orca Sacra - Cutout

Orca Sacra

Charity Goal :


58.5.- (11.7%)

Total Swiss Tree Planted :


17.6.- left for the next one!

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One of the famous Stanley & Stella t-shirt, provided to you by our partner Main Gauche. It is 100% Organic Cotton with a 150g/m2 basis weight. Unisex, simple cut, light and extra soft.
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10% of the profit from this t-shirt goes to the Orca Conservancy Team to help preserve this incredible creature and its habitat.

Their projects include Artificial Intelligence for orcas identification, water quality measurements, spreading awareness about the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales,...
By buying this t-shirt, you are promoting reforestation in Switzerland. This is made possible thanks to our partner Almighty Tree !
You also become a sponsor of this design by buying it. Your name will be displayed in our sponsors page, with your consent of course.
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Orca Sacra - Closeup
Orca Sacra - Cutout